Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Big Scan Day Today

Today's Big Scan Day sort of snuck up on us! I did not give you a countdown or much of a warning. To be honest, that last fabulous MRI was so awesome that it wiped away my natural anxiety for this scan.

However, I did just finish three back-to-back rosary novenas, so I was doing my part in the prayer department :^) (For a novena, you say the rosary every day for nine days in a row for a specific favor; three novenas takes 27 days.) First novena, I asked for good results on the upcoming scan. Second novena, I copied Jesus by asking, "Father, if you are willing, please take this cup away from me. Otherwise your will be done not mine." And the third novena, I asked for help making the right decision on Monday -- to choose the best next step in my journey.

Lou is coming with me today. I tried to talk him out of it because I am just going for a scan and won't see the doctor. But Lou won't budge. I think he considers it his duty which is so sweet. I have been pretty pathetic all week, and I think he doesn't trust me to drive to Duke safely without him there to poke me awake if I pass out or get dizzy. (I have not been dizzy since Tuesday morning. I will not be passing out. Nothing to worry about.)

We'll hear the results from this scan on Monday.

Yesterday, I read through the Clincial Trial paperwork -- twice.


Anonymous said...

You're in my prayers today for excellent results. Even if you don't continue the chemo, excellent results are just that, no matter what! I miss seeing you at the office.

Take care, and Happy Halloween!

-- Meredyth

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking and praying for you Karen!

Anonymous said...

as always/all ways you are both in our thoughts and prayers and will include you again today at Mass...that Lou is extra special and he knows you are too; that's why he wants to be w/ go guys and good luck...Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.