Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vitamin T News Flash

Bailey must really think that Vitamin T is necessary to support her general well being, because she gets a big dose as often as she can. You're not familar with Vitamin T? I'm no doctor, and I hesitate to give medical advice, but... It's toilet paper. Bailey loves eating it. She doesn't just enjoy how it magically flies off the roll in the bathroom, but she munches it down like nacho chips. We have to keep all the bathroom doors closed, or else she might overdose.

Lou and I both have colds. This must be some kind of superbug, because Lou caught it. He never gets sick. He has the strongest immune system. Of course, it helps that he comes in contact with few people, living his hermity life working from home.

One bright spot: new Kleenex cool touch tissues. OH DEAR GOD these are so awesome. Worth every penny. My nose was raw, and now it's not. I wish I could wrap up my entire body in these tissues. Too bad these guys aren't running my clinical trial.

Let me lay out what's going to happen next week, because it's a BIG week.

Tuesday: early morning I go to Duke all by myself for fasting labwork, and then I eat breakfast somewhere and zoom to work. In the late afternoon, I go back to Duke for a CT Scan, which will serve as the baseline for the clinical trial.

Thursday: mid-morning I go to Duke all by myself for the first skin biopsy. It's called a punch biopsy, which indicates that you'd rather get punched in the face than have it done to you. This will be the first of six skin biopsies! Afterward, I zoom to work, unless I am a big baby and decide to go home to watch movies all day.

Friday: early morning I go to Duke with Lou and John, with John driving and me fasting, for the first tumor biopsy. It's an ultrsound-guided biopsy, so it ought not to be as grueling as the CT-guided biopsy I had in 2009. They use conscious sedation, so I cannot go to work afterward. I cannot sign official documents, either. Afterward I go home and watch movies all day. This will be the first of two tumor biopsies.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Busy Week! Praying for you and Lou and the Doctors, etc... Much Love and Hugs, Sharon from Bellevue, WA xoxo