Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy Day Today

Lou and I are basically spending the entire day at Duke today.

John will deliver us to Duke by 10:00am. We go to clinic 1C for additional skin biopsies. They'll punch a bigger sample around the small hole they already made in my right arm, and then they'll sew it up nice and neat. Then they'll punch a small sample off my left arm, and I'll have to keep the hole lubricated and covered for the next week.

We head to clinic 1A for bloodwork at 10:30 -- I am POSITIVE we'll be late, because they'll need more than 30 minutes to do all that punching and sewing. Then we get to chat with Dr R. at 11:30ish.

Lunch... there is now a Subway next to the Chick-Fit-A in the cafeteria in the basement.

Then at 1:00, it is time for the liquid part of the new chemo. It's going to be injected (infused?) slowly, over an hour, to make sure I am cool with it. (In the future, it'll take only 30 minutes to inject.) Then we have to sit around for an hour (or maybe two?) to make sure I don't have a reaction.

Finally, we head to Starbucks in the hospital to hang around waiting for Darlene to get off work and come pick us up and bring us home.

I am not allowed to drive myself today, but I will be able to drive myself to future injections. I'll get an injection every other Thursday till it stops working and they kick me out of the clinical trial.

Lou just reminded me that we're leaving here at 9:00, so I had better wrap this up...

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Anonymous said...

Correction, dear one. "I'll get an injection every other Thursday. IF it stops working, we'll come up with another treatment option." Big IF! You never know, this could be the one that completely does the trick for you!

Hoping all goes well today,