Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tummy Aches Finally Gone

I haven't mentioned my stomach aches here, but if you have been hanging out with me, you probably have seen me hunched over for 5 minutes, pretty unhappy.

Recently, I even started complaining out loud about them. One Saturday night, when the gang went out for pizza, I didn't order anything because I just felt awful. (I was there for the fellowship!) My friends were like, "Karen, call your doctor," but I was like, "No, no, I'll just wait for my next scan."

For probably 4 or 5 weeks now, I have gotten these stomach aches at least twice a day. They last from 5 to 15 minutes. I tried to track them, to determine some kind of cause and effect, but with no luck. They didn't seem to be related to any time of day or food or thirstiness or stress.

They were actually awful.

I have been feeling wonderful, except for these stomach aches.

I wasn't worried that they were cancer related. I just assumed that they were cancer-treatment related!

After all this chemo, my stomach ain't what it used to be. More easily upset. And Lou reminded me that I had complained about similar pain like a year ago, and Dr R had me start taking Zantac 75 twice a day, and it went away.

So when I saw him last week, I filled him in. He started me on Prilosec every day. He gave me a prescription for the generic, to save me money.

The first couple of days, there was no effect. Stomach aches continued unabaited. Then on Monday, I discerned that the stomach ache was less intense.  The meds are working, I thought. And yesterday, I did not have even one.  They are gone!  Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Glad that you had a day tummy ache free and it seems to be on the mend! Hate tummy aches. Love from Bellevue, WA! Sharon

Anonymous said...

Glad Lou has a good memory when it comes to best interest and I am thrilled that relief may be on the way...I too hate when my tummy is off....most of the time it's some interaction from meds or I have not eaten and then I don't feel like eating....take care Karen...Love, Mrs. S.xxoo

Anonymous said...

Thinking of You for Tomorrow!!! Hugs xoxo, Sharon from Bellevue, WA