Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I got bumped!

But I wasn't bumped off a flight by some airline. My CT Scan was bumped into next week.

Dr R called me himself last week to let me know that he needed to move my appointment. Weeks ago, the receptionists at Duke changed the appointments for almost all of his patients so that he could go to Chicago this week for a sarcoma conference.  But apparently three people fell through the cracks, and I was one of them.

I didn't mind at all postponing my CT Scan for a week. No news is good news. Keep me on cancer vacation as long as possible.

So, next Tuesday I will be scanned, and next Wednesday Lou and I will hear the results. Make sure you check back...

I have had a little pain lately, and so I am wondering if the scan will show some tumor growth. There is no reason to worry about that today. I want to enjoy my extra week off.

The last time I posted any news here, it was August and I thought that my stomach pain was gone. Well, I was wrong. My stomach pain actually got worse. My primary care physician sent me to a GI specialist, who stuck a camera down my throat to take a peek at what was happening in my tummy. That was an interesting procedure.

Anyway, the result was confirmation that the lining of my stomach is inflamed (gastritis) but no ulcer, no infection, and no cancer!

So I am now taking Prilosec twice a day. This time, I am really sure that it is helping. The stomach pain has lessened -- which is wonderful, because if I never chew another Assorted Berry Tums, it will still be too soon.

The worst part of the whole stomach pain fiasco was that I wasn't allowed to take any Advil for a few weeks, because they thought that I might have an ulcer resulting from too much Advil. Without any Advil at all, my minor tumor pain got worse and worse, till I could not sleep without a narcotic.  I wasn't happy about that. So I started sneaking Advil, always with food, and the pain immediately dropped to a very manageable level.

It was such a relief when they determined there is no ulcer and that I can take Advil again.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to Hear From You!!! Lots of Laughter Tonight! Thank You. xoxo Sharon from Bellevue, WA