Thursday, August 18, 2011

They Postponed Me

Today I was supposed to go for my next CT scan.

But about a week ago,my doctor's office left me a message that they needed to postpone my appointment till the 24th.

When I heard that message, I thought that was an awesome gift. I was thrilled to have an extra week of cancer vacation.

It is funny, though, the way things have turned out. I am sort of worked up today anyway, even though it is not scan day. At lunch, out of the blue, I started telling a good friend that I am angry that I have cancer. This anger has been simmering just under the surface until something silly like a rude barista makes the pot boil over.

So apparently my cancer vacation is over, scan or no scan.

Where is the cheerful Karen who went off on cancer vacation in June?! Who would have thought I would come back angry, especially after all the fun I have had in the last two months.

I already feel better, though. Just saying the words out loud really helped. I need to deal with this. I certainly cannot keep snapping at baristas! Nobody will want to make me a latte.


Anonymous said...

I think anger is appropriate. At least you have had fun, fun, fun while on break.

Love you.
Kathy from Kent

Anonymous said...

Thank You for letting me know that I am not alone! Love, Sharon from Bellevue, WA