Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good News

There are too many patients, and not enough doctors!

My appointment today was for 1:30, but we didn't see Dr R till 3:00PM. Come to find out, he had 5 patients scheduled for 1:00 and 4 more scheduled for 1:30! Wow! That is just too many people for one doctor to see. Someone ought to deliver a stern lecture to the people who make these appointments. They shouldn't pile people up like that.

While we were waiting, I tried to get Lou to play patty-cake with me to that old rhyme "Oh Mary Mack Mack Mack, all dressed in black black black, with silver buttons buttons buttons all down her back back back..." and the results were so hysterical that a couple of nurses came into the exam room to see what we were laughing about. Then I tried to do it with both nurses, but we all remembered it differently, and no one could get it going right. That helped the time pass.

When we finally saw Dr R, we got GOOD NEWS that was worth the wait!!!

  • No new spots were detected. Yahoo!
  • All the spots in the lungs stayed the same. Yahoo!
  • The spot in the psoas muscle, as usual, stayed the same. Yahoo!
  • The spot in the pancreas shrank from 4.9cm x 4.7cm to 3.9cm x 3.9cm. Super Yahoo!

That is a lot to be happy about. I am really happy that the spot in the pancreas shrank, and I am really happy that chemo is over.

We also talked about cryoablation. We're going to wait and see what happens in the August scan before making any decisions.

Dr R was lukewarm about cryoablation because he says that there is no benefit shown to having three tumors in your lungs versus six tumors, but he did say that he would encourage me to go forward with cryoablation as long as I wouldn't be quitting chemo mid-stream to pursue it. I can understand that.

I guess you've noticed that I haven't been blogging lately. I've been so happy that chemo is over, I just haven't wanted to think about cancer. So I'm going back on cancer vacation. I'm not going to think about it, talk about, or blog about it. The only reminder will be when I put a hat on every day, and I can live with that.

So this is goodbye for 60 days.

See ya mid-August!


Anonymous said...

So Happy For You and Lou! Have a Wonderful Summer! Love, Sharon from Bellevue, WA XOXO

T. said...

Just awesome! I have a picture in my head of Lou and you playing patty cake--way fun--what a guy!
Love TLD-H

Anonymous said...

Hello and good bye for your "Summer/Fall vacation" or as long as you want to have off...:)enjoy this warm time of year and relax while you do...:) as it is said..."no news is good news" and we will stay focused on the good ... T&P's are with you and Lou all ways/always...Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...


Just read your 6/16 e-mail and it was wonderful. I can just picture you and Lou playing patty cake - he's such a good sport. I can't see my Robert doing that, especially when someone might be watching.
Enjoy your summer off. Will look forward to your next "great news" blog.

Luv ya!