Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Questionable Magazine in Waiting Room

As I sat in the waiting room at Duke yesterday, I started flipping through a magazine and found an article about how lots of people die every year from the big dose of radiation that you might get during a CT Scan.  Yikes!  I have to get a CT Scan every two months.  I do not want to be reading this kind of info... I put that mag down and started reading the novel I had brought with me instead.

Otherwise, my scan day was quite pleasant.

While I was in the machine, after they took the first few scans, there was a long break where nothing was happening.  I drifted off, then sort of woke up and realized that a significant amount of time had passed. I started wondering if they had forgotten about me.  I always wonder what would happen if the technician keeled over dead from a heart attack while I was in the machine.  How long would I be stuck in the machine before someone noticed?

Right when I was about to call out, "Hellooo there..." the technician's voice came over the speaker to tell me that they had not forgotten about me, that they were comparing the scans to the set from two months ago. Oooh, I wanted to ask how the comparison was going, but I didn't.  I don't think that the technicians are allowed to tell you anything.  And rightly so!  I want the offical analysis, the final report.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I get the results from Dr R.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some good news!!!

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