Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fruity Candy Plans

Tomorrow morning, I get Doxorubicin dose 5, and then there is only one more dose to go!

I have been feeling really great, physically, for at least the last week.  I made the most of it. Awhile ago, I asked my neighbor Pat for some help with this flowerbed at the edge of the road that just looks awful. So this weekend, we came up with a plan, went shopping at three local nurseries, and brought home ten plants.  Ten plants might not sound much, but it was more than enough work planting them! The flowerbed looks better but still needs some work. I feel as though I have some momentum and can handle the rest of the beautification project.

But I caught myself over the weekend thinking, "Oh, rats, chemo Wednesday, that is going to stink."

I shook that off and reminded myself that it's more like, "Yahoo, chemo Wednesday, let's kill some cancer cells!"

I had been really struggling with nausea, but for dose 4 we changed some things and it helped tremendously. Just having fruity candy in my mouth when they accessed my port made it so that I didn't start the day completely nauseated. And then the new medication, Emend, helped through the weekend.  So I am looking forward to feeling not too terrible Thursday through Sunday.  Whatever happens, by Sunday afternoon, I'll be feeling fine.

So my only remaining problem?  My appointment is for 8:00AM tomrrow!  Lou and I are going to have to get up wicked early to get to Durham by 8:00AM.

I better not read in bed tonight. I am reading Lee Child's 5th book in the Jack Reacher series, and just like the others, it is so gripping that it makes me stay up late into the night, reading long after I ought to have gone to sleep. These books are so awesome.  In case you are looking for something good to read, the first one in the series was Killing Floor by Lee Child.


Robyn said...

Hey! That candy idea is great! I'll pass it along...

Good luck today...one down, one to go....

If you ever decide you want to tackle that flower bed again, let me know. I like digging in the dirt...as long as it is someone elses...I don't like tending flowers beds as much as a garden...

Go Karen! Go Karen! Go Karen! (You have to picture me doing that ridiculous "stirring" dance motion. Wait! Maybe it's me dancing it that looks ridiculous!?! Nah-couldn't be!)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your posts! Love and Hugs, Sharon