Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Itchy

One of the questions the clinical trial nurse asks at every checkup is whether I am itchy. I have been mildly itchy all along, but lately I have been super itchy.

It's my calves. I have been waking up at night with super itchy calves. I scratch and it feels wonderful, but the itch is never satisfied because as soon as I stop scratching, the itchiness returns.

Good thing my fingernails are ridiculously short (they are thin and chip and peel very easily) because I could do some serious damage with the scratching.

This morning I gave up trying to sleep at 6:30AM (on a Saturday!) because of the itchiness.

Then I remembered my friend Carol who suffers from itchiness and who uses ice bags to make it stop. So I got some ice and settled into my LazyBoy and rubbed the ice on my legs. It worked! The itchiness went away. (Right now my calves are just a little itchy, not itchy enough to make me start scratching.

Lou and I had breakfast and walked Sam and are looking forward to maybe watching a movie.


Delpfine said...

I like the new look on the blog -- both you and the blog itself! It comes up faster now without the rotating globe.

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