Friday, April 16, 2010

Nothing To Worry About

Dr Reidel called me this morning. I was sort of horrified to hear his voice because he sounded very serious and all I could think was that he had bad news for me.

But he was calling to report that he already showed my MRI to the musculoskeletal radiologist guys for a second review. They said that there is nothing to worry about. The lesion on the ilium does not look like cancer. It might be "red marrow." More importantly, that lesion can be seen in the mid-October MRI, so it is not new.

So there is no reason to take me off the study drug!  (Thank God.)

Gosh, there is a lot in that mid-October MRI that I never heard about. I was wondering how there could be som much in the mid-October MRI that I never heard about. But if I think back, I was in a lot of pain and really worried. So when the report said that the tumor in the psoas shrank significantly and that there was a bulging disc, I guess we were all so relieved that no one bothered to read the rest of the report.

Here's what I am thinking:  all these reports get posted to the Duke web site for me to view, and I think that I should start reading them. After all, it's my health we are talking about.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got your report early and did not have to fret all weekend.
My suggestion is, DO NOT read those reports until the night before your next doctor's appt.(if then) It has been my experience, I only had a million questions after reading a MRI report, and some of the things on the report that sounded bad to me, were insignificant. Sometimes we know just what we need to know, at the time.
Keeping you in my T's & P's.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your report sounds better...I suggest you do NOT read the official stuff and leave that to the trained's like when we "research" our ailments on the internet...we have ourself all diagnosed and in reality it's just a hangnail and a good pedicure "cures" it...:) so continued prayers and thoughts are heading your way...take care and enjoy yourself....Mrs. S.xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, great news and hope you are having a good weekend with Lou!!! I miss you tons, Love you, Debbie P.