Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is It Time Yet?

Yesterday we drove to Chimney Rock State Park. The elevator to the top of the Chimney Rock was not functioning, so we walked up the stairs (315 feet height) to the observation "deck." It was awesome!  We did have to stop numerous times to let me catch my breath, but that just meant more time to enjoy the scenery on the way up. I was glad that the elevator was broken because otherwise we would have missed all that fun.

The elevator was working when it was time to go down, which was nice.

Then we did the Hickory Nut Falls Trail (1.5 mile round trip). That was fun too, very pretty.  There was a huge group of teenagers from Florida swimming in the water at the Falls.

Well, it was a great day, but at 9:00PM we were both completely exhausted and ready to fall asleep. But I had to stay awake till 10:30PM to take my pills!  Argh!  Lou set his cell phone alarm for me and fell asleep. I read for what seemed like a million years, then I got up to check the time because I was worried that his alarm maybe had not gone off. But it was only 10:08PM. Twenty-two minutes to go... went back to reading The Full Cupboard of Life, an Alexander McCall Smith book. When the alarm finally went off, I happily took the pills and went right to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time. I hope the weather has been cooperative!! You are so good Karen, I would have taken those drugs early and off to bed. Perhaps I will never get better at following directions. Keeping you in my T's&P's and missing you this week. Love ya.

Rick Evans said...

Chimney Rock is definitely a family favorite for us. I am glad you got to enjoy it. When we first went there back in 1998 the town of Bat Cave was almost not there! Not it is a thriving tourist trap.

Jenn said...

I hope you didn't steal any rocks... LOL :-p~

Karen said...

I did steal two rocks! There are strange sparkly shiny rocks here in NC like nowhere else, and I put two in my pocket. I told myself that it wasn't the same as taking a rock from a National Park however... I hope a certain person is smiling down at me from heaven.