Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got the MRI Appointment Already

Duke is awesome!

When I logged on this morning to check email and blogify, I saw that I had email from Duke with my MRI appointment. Plus, someone just phoned me to confirm.

The MRI is next Wednesday at 7:00AM. Then I see Dr Riedel at 9:30AM for the results.

I'm going to ask Lou to come with me.

There is nothing as difficult as having to WAIT for the results of a scan. (My brain just goes into overdrive manufacturing various worst-case scenarios.) So I love that Duke always schedules an appointment right after a scan to give me the results.

What's the MRI for? Looking for a reason for the numbness and pain in my left leg. To quote Dr Morris, it might be tumor-related, or treatment-related (radiation side effects), or totally unrelated.

I just hope that whatever it is, it does not result in me getting kicked off the clinical trial. If you are a praying person, that might be a good thing to pray for ;^)


Gail said...

I'm a praying person, so I'll keep you in my prayers this week! (Actually, you're already in my prayers, so I'll sign you up for extra!!) Love, Gail

Karen said...

Talk about funny timing! This morning Dr Lara Novack from UNC called to check up on me, since she and Dr Morris had not heard from me about whether the PT worked.

So I told her about leaving the message on March 25 and being assured that I would get a call to set up the MRI... She apologized and said that she would try to track down where the chain of communication had failed. I thanked her for that.

I said that I would have the MRI forwarded to Dr Morris next week.

omerandpat said...

I'w with Gail--extra, extra prayers for you.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, "Arrow prayers" is what I call those prayers asking for specific things. So, I'll be shooting some "arrows" for you. (But then I always am) If Lou(ie) is not availalbe sign me up - I would be more than happy to go with you. I never got to take you on any chemo trips - I was robbed.
Keeping you in my T's&P's.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for the best of results...:) prayers, thoughts and good vibes all going your way...:) xxoo Mrs. S.

Anonymous said...

Praying for You, Love & Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be praying extra and extra hard. Love you! Carol Q