Thursday, March 18, 2010

No More Metformin!

Today I talked to Kathleen, who is the nurse for my fabulous primary care physician.

I gave her my recent blood sugar numbers and said I was still pretty nauseated by the Metformin. I told her that my oncologist was not happy that my blood sugar numbers had not improved.

A couple of hours later, she called back with the excellent news that I am to STOP taking the Metformin and switch to Glyburide instead.

Yahoo, happy dance, no more nausea!


Anonymous said...

yes, the Metformin is tough on the tummy and areas associated w. the tummy...:)eventually it goes away but if another meds works just as well and no nausea, go for it as long as the BS comes done ttfn Mrs. S. and the BS is blood sugar...:)

omerandpat said...

I'm not quite sure how but I'm doing my version of the happy dance too!!