Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ginger and MaryAnn

I've been complaining about Metformin-induced nausea for a couple of weeks now, and it never occurred to me to use ginger.

When I got radiation last June, I was slightly nauseated and a few sips of ginger ale helped enornmously.  Ginger snaps were awesome.  Anything with ginger helped. Nancy mailed me ginger cookies; Frankie mailed me ginger bread; Karla mailed me ginger tea. (Sorry if I forgot anyone.)

A couple of days ago, I noticed ginger ale in my fridge. It was sugary regular ginger ale, which is not such a great idea with the diabetes.  (The nurse said it was better not to drink your carbohydrates.) But a few sips did wonders for me.

Right now, ginger snaps and ginger bread seem like such a waste of my carbohydrate servings for the day. So this weekend I decided to try eating a sprinkle of ground ginger, which is the "active ingredient" after all.  And it worked!

Yesterday I was at work, feeling pretty sick for hours, and my friend Carol offered to go to the drug store to get me Dramamine. I countered with a trip to the grocery store for ground ginger, and she agreed. So I got a ground ginger delivery at work yesterday!  And it did the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I wonder as much as you love Sushi, do you like the pickled ginger on the side. I love it - but then, I love everthing that is hot. I keep a jar of it in my refrigerator. Ginger not only helps with nausea but with overall digestion. Hope you feel better soon. Love ya