Monday, March 8, 2010

New Strategy Is Working

The new strategy of spreading out the two Meformin pills seems to be working.  I take one at breakfast and one at dinner, instead of two at lunchtime. I have been a little nauseated for a short time every day. Nothing like last Friday, when I was completely nauseated for hours.
But I have also been feeling lousy: tired, achy, and just not right. I'm assuming that it's just part of getting used to the Metformin and maybe also just the effects of high blood sugar. My primary care physician said that people with high blood sugar often have pain in their abdomen.

My numbers still are not fantastic.

Poor Lou, having to put up with me.

I took a long nap yesterday afternoon and woke up feeling pretty good. This morning I feel pretty good and am looking forward to going to work.

Two movies I tried to watch this week but quit after about ten minutes:
  • Slumdog Millioaire
  • Mirrors

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Rick Evans said...

my co-worker says that Acupuncture really helped him with his nausea: