Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Lunch With Pat and John

I chose German food (not sushi) for my birthday lunch on Saturday, and Lou invited our closest neighbors Pat and John to come with us to the Bavarian Brathaus of Cary (on Tryon Road). What a great restaurant! We had a wonderful time.  The food was excellent, and the conversation was even better.

Pat and John gave me a lovely cutting board made by a Native American artist, Ken Smith.  Pat took pictures, which came out really well even though it was a little dark in the restaurant.

Our waiter somehow knew that it was my birthday and brought over a large musical machine that required cranking -- but the machine emitted only a few forlorn moans no matter how much he cranked and fiddled with the settings. Our waiter's struggles and eventual defeat were probably more entertaining than the music would have been.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story!! Sounds like you had a great day. You look great. I love how both accepting you are of some of your challenges but also how you are so willing to try everything to make yourself better. Your neighbors should have taken a pic of you and Lou. xoxo, Kathy from Kent

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen....enjoy yourself and best wishes for good health and lots of laughter...:) Mrs. S.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! I love the Bavarian Brathaus! Went there for a family birthday once and the same thing happened with the music box!

Lisa V.