Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Outing Tomorrow

Last night I told Lou that I am a little nervous about tomorrow's scan. I think I am always nervous right before a scan, even though I am still confident that I am getting the clinical trial drug, and confident that it is working.

He offered to come along for moral support. At first I said no, because it can be such a drag to hang out there all day.  I just bring a book and read. On a scan day, I got for bloodwork, then a scan, and then a couple of HOURS later I see the doctor with the results of the scan. (Don't get me wrong, I still love Duke and the sarcoma specialty center, especially when I hear from people that they have to wait a WEEK or more to get the results of their scans. Waiting is torture.)

I realized how much more fun it would be if Lou came along.

So, he'll be joining me tomorrow!  I'm pretty excited.  Plus, we are listening to a Dean Koontz book (The Husband) in the car, and we'll be able to listen for about an hour and a half (round trip).


Anonymous said...

Glad that Lou is Joining You!
Hugs, Sharon

Gail said...

It always helps me to have that loving support, wherever it cmes from!! Lou's a "champ"! You better know that I'll be thinking of you all day....sending the very BEST thoughts & prayers!

Love, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, Glad Louie Is going with you tomorrow. Sometimes 3 is a crowd - but not in the A's case. You know he will be with you all day with his wings around you. Keeping you all in my T's & P's. Love ya. Doane

Jane said...

Thinking of you every day, but sending good vibes especially today. We miss your smiling face on the van! ; ) Jane B.