Saturday, August 22, 2009

Burping Episode Averted

Voluminous and yet neutral tasting burps woke me up around 4:00AM on either Wednesday or Thursday morning. What a strange way to wake up!

(Almost as strange as when you wake up and your throat hurts and you realize that you have just screamed your lungs out because of some nightmare that you cannot even remember and your poor husband is about to have a heart attack in bed next to you. But that's another story. And more proof that marriage to me has been such an adventure.)

I was all cuddled under the covers and so sleepy and it took me a awhile to realize that this had to be the start of the evil diesel truck burping (worst side effect ever). It didn't taste terrible yet, but soon it would start to nauseate me and anyone in my immediate vicinity.

So I went out to the kitchen, took my regular morning OTC Prilosec, drank an entire can of Fresca, and went back to sleep for two hours till my alarm woke me up. The burps were gone, thank God and thank the unknown oncology resident on call who gave me this rememdy over the phone in 2007.

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