Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Antibiotics for My Head

I saw my excellent primary care physician yesterday to get a prescription for migraines. Over-the-counter Excedrin Migraine works pretty well, but I do have to rush home and go to sleep for a few hours, cannot read, cannot watch TV. That's fine when I am having one migraine per quarter, but lately I have had them a lot more frequently. (I did have a cluster of 6 migraines in 2007 near the start of the chemo so if history repeats itself I have 3 more to go.)

So I got a sample of Treximet to try. Of course, maybe this is like the time I bought an umbrella and it didn't rain for weeks. It would be totally fine with me if carrying the Treximet around in my pocket wards off all migraines!

Anyway, after we're done talking about migraines, my doctor asks, "So what is going on with your head?"

My scalp is covered with this nasty painful leaky acne rash. It looks just awful. (I had taken off my hat in the examination room.) So he put me on antibiotics, yahoo! Let's hope it clears up soon as I can go back to being a redhead. I have not been able to put the wig on since Friday. Instead, I have been wearing a hat.

Being bald with a hat draws a lot more attention than having hair, even fake hair. I find that I prefer not getting that attention. That sort of surprised me because I'll admit I kind of enjoyed the chemo pity in 2007; clerks in stores sure were nice to me.

Don't want no chemo pity this time!


Robin, Waylon and Noah said...

Hey Karen,

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I've been keeping up with your journey. You are such an inspiration!

Robin, Waylon and Noah

omerandpat said...

Your father's doc also gave him migraine headache medication samples. He hasn't had a migraine since!! Hopefully you'll take after him!
Love ya,