Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No More "Bad" Chemo

I have always thought of the three weeks that comprise my chemo cycle as Good Chemo, Bad Chemo, and then No Chemo. Occasionally I called them Easy Chemo, Rough Chemo, and No Chemo.

But technical writers always worry about terminology and words and connotations, and so it finally struck me that "Bad" and "Rough" were not perhaps the most positive terms to use -- because our words shape our thoughts, and our thoughts shape our reality. Do I really want a bad or rough week?

So, I am switchin' over to Super Chemo for the second week. Gem and Tax together are super effective in attacking the cancer! They take a super long time to be delivered! And they require me to get super hyped up on Decadron! Yeah baby!

And for the third week, instead of No Chemo, I am going to try Vacation from Chemo. (I'm not in love with that one; call it my first draft; I am open to suggestions.)

Therefore, tomorrow is my first Super Chemo day. I am driving myself even though both Meredyth and Anna checked in to see if I need company. I feel great and want to drive myself while I feel so good. Later, if I am not feeling so great, I will ask for help and companionship.

I have really enjoyed being a redhead all week at work! It was sort of hard to keep the wig on today because my stubble is practically JUMPING off my head, which made for an itchy wig experience.

Tomorrow I will go au natural because what the heck if I can't walk around bald at the Oncology Clinic at Duke and enjoy the breeze then by golly that just isn't right! (Plus last week I saw two lovely bald ladies wandering around the clinic.)

I surfed the web and found some studies where breast cancer patients experienced like 77% reduction in some side effects while receiving Healing Touch during treatment. So I have an appointment for Student Amelia to practice on me again Friday afternoon after my Neulasta shot. I just am still shocked at how awesome I felt all week. I will try to gather some info and post it here, including some links.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I hope your super chemo treatment day goes great tomorrow. Cah you take or make phone calls while you are doing it to help pass the time???

We are having a big heat wave here in Seattle and set a record today. All the stores are selling out of fans and air conditioners within minutes of when shipments arrive.

Jim and I are thinking positive thoughts for you and sending lots of love too! Take care and hugs, Debbie P.

Jane said...

Hope all goes well are soooo cute with the 'new do'! See you on the van soon....jb

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,
I missed logging in to see how you are doing for a bit.
You know your energy is contagious.
I have to ask if you have been to the movies lately!
Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?
I took Patrick to see transformers this week- it was a little more suggestive than the first one- I don’t think he caught on. He is only 6 ½.
The Alice in Wonderland movie should be a trip- anything Tim Burton does is interesting to say the least
Keep your chin up

Anonymous said...

Wishing you well for your treatment today. You are probably in there right now! I'm glad you're feeling so well. I predict that this is a continuing trend (especially with Amelia's help)!

Also, I like "Super Chemo" -- sounds like it comes with a cape. :-D Maybe next week can be "Platelet Regeneration" week, or "Body Strengthening" week.

All good thoughts,

Robyn said...


I haven't checked your blog in a couple of days...

I do like Meredyth's suggestion of Platelet Regeneration" week or maybe Karen Regeneration week!

If you have a desire to see the G-Force movie with the guinnea pigs, please call...I don't have any kids to take and since you are great kid, may I take you?!!

Best wishes on the "super" chemo...

Love you and miss you!

Beth said...

I love your technical writer's take on naming your chemo sessions. I have been trying to come up with a name for the vacation week all day...but no luck. I am not a pro like you, after all. I'm glad to hear that things are moving along. I am so impressed by your positive attitude, and I continue to have you in my thoughts!
Beth Cubbage

Anya said...

Ok Karen...this is my favorite post so far! You crack me up...I am going to mull over the terminology and see what I can think of ...vacation...meanwhile get the touch...

Anonymous said...


How about ChemFree! Sounds so organic, like all natural mangos or real cane sugar.

Keep on keepin' on,


Anonymous said...

Love the picture in my head of chemo with a cape swooshing around making you all well. (Thanks for that, Meredyth!) Speaking of pictures, I think you should post a picture of you with your new red hair. Rock on! Love, CarolQ

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, checking in to see how things are going...Keep staying positive.. it really does make you feel stronger & better and as i read your posts i can see that it is working for you!! Let us know if we can help with anything , we are just around the corner.. Thinking of you every day! say hi to lou too!
Jane & Peter,