Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CyberKnife Checkup Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I go back to the UNC radiation oncology department for my first checkup after CyberKnife. The plan is that all future checkups (and monitoring of that tumor) will be done at Duke.

Sometimes I forget about the CyberKnife! It was such an amazingly easy process, and the side effects were minimal...

However, I have wondered if the radiation is contributing to the amount of side effects I am having now with chemo. Even though the first cycle of chemo went extremely well, I would have to say that I have had a lot more side effects this time. Two years ago, I do not think I had any side effects in the first cycle. Certainly no dry mouth, and certainly no foot numbness.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the bottoms of my feet have been feeling numb? That super special side effect did not kick in last time till about the 4th cycle.

Retraction: Lou and I did not stroll through the arboretum this weekend! Instead, we ran errands and laughed a lot and watched Gran Torino, which was awesome. I did sweep the bark back into the flowerbeds, but I see that the heavy rains yesterday undid some of my good work.


Delpfine said...

I agree about Gran Torino! It was great.

I think that my mother's dry mouth was caused by the radiation, not the chemo.

Glad that you're feeling better.

omerandpat said...

CyberKnife seems like an eon ago--at least to us--probably not to you.

We loved Gran Torino, especially the surprise ending. Yesterday we saw Public Enemy Number One--it didn't get very good reviews but it was very well done. We really liked it.

Good luck tomorrow

Love ya,

Anya said...

I am glad after tomorrow everything is moving over to Duke! I am really liking Duke after your experiences--and girl, I want you to have the best out there. GOOOD LUCK tomorrow!!I will be thinking about you.

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