Thursday, July 2, 2009

Terri and Meredyth

So chemo starts today!

Terri is picking me up at 7:30AM so that no matter what kind of traffic we run into (I hope not literally run into) she'll deliver me to the Duke Clinics on time for the 9:00AM appointment. That means Terri has to leave her house before 7:00AM. She's a saint!

Then Meredyth will wait around at work for my call. Work is about 25 minutes from the Duke Clinics. When I know what time they'll be done with me, I'll call Meredyth to let her know and she'll come rescue me. Meredyth is a saint too.

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered to drive me. I have next Thursday all set. Anna is going to bring me, hang out for about seven hours, and then bring me home. I'm not sure if that makes her a saint or just crazy ;^)

So here is the schedule today:

9:00AM bloodwork
10:00AM see Dr Reidel
11:30AM chemo starts

I am a little nervous! This chemo was not all that bad in 2007, but a lot has changed (I am so much older!) and they use different pre-meds and so I am nervous. Sort of like how I used to worry that there was a serial killer living in the woods behind the house in Woodinville... okay, maybe being nervous today is not quite as irrational at that.

Thanks also to everyone who sent gingerbread recipes! I have not baked yet but plan to. Super special thanks to Fran and Nancy and Mama Jo who recognize that maybe I am not a baker:

  • My Aunt Fran in Massachusetts sent a gingerbread that was like a heavenly gingery cake, with chunks of crystallized ginger baked right in. Lou and I fell upon it as if we were starving wolves...
  • Yesterday I came home to a batch of ginger cookies sent from Washington from Nancy and Mama Jo. This time, I guarded the cookies and Lou and I only had one each. Although, I will be out of the house today for about five hours and he might find where I hid them, because he is pretty sneaky.
Lou just yelled that breakfast is ready so gotta go. Plan to update ya later!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Well good evening by the time you read this. I have tried to call the last couple of days but only get your voicemail. I spoke to Terri this AM on her way to your house.
I hope all goes well today. I have time available the next 2 Thurs. if you need me. Sorry, I was so scattered the other nite. Talk to you soon. Keeping you in my T's & P's. Love ya. Doane

omerandpat said...

I don't think being nervous about a serial killer lurking in the woods behind your house is irrational--my biggest fear was being kidnapped and buried alive. I haven't thought of that in a long time so I guess that fear is gone!!
Good luck today. We're sure everything will go well.
Love ya, M&D

Anonymous said...

Karen, If I could I would wrap the sunshine in a beautiful box and give it to you. I would capture the fresh air so you could feel the breeze when you wanted it. I would hold your unbrella in a rain storm so you would remain dry. I would attach the moon to a flashlight so you could find your way. I would do all of these things if I could. Just know, I am praying for you every day. I hope some day I can give you all of these things even if you can only carry them in your thoughts. I carry you in my thoughts and when I see you at lunch, you light up my day. By the way, Love the red hair. Under His Wings, Susan Blanton