Friday, July 24, 2009

Got My Head Shaved

My hair started falling out significantly on Wednesday. At first I wondered if I could postpone shaving my hair because, let's face it, I would much rather have hair than not. But on Thursday my hair was practically jumping off my head. I had to keep brushing it off my shoulders. Yuck.

At one point yesterday I sat on a bench in a pretty garden area at Duke, ran my fingers gently through my hair, and let tufts of hair float away on the breeze... too bad it is not springtime so the birdies could use my hair in their nests. Right after chemo, I went to the place where Lou gets his hair cut and got my head shaved. The lady was sort of traumatized. She said she had been a hairdresser for seven years and this was the first time she had to do this. So I had to console her ;^)

Yesterday's treatment went really well. My platelet count is back up so they let me have chemo. It's Sarcoma Week at Duke, so I got a bunch of freebies: tote bag, binder full of helpful info, a cool rubber bracelet, and a happy Caribbean cruise style hat. In the treatment room, I had a tag team of nurses, Annette and Karen, who were funny and entertaining. I got out of there at about 2:30.

Today I feel totally fine.

I wonder if I feel so good because Amelia (a Healing Touch student) did energy work on me on Wednesday evening, which was wicked cool.


Bowmans said...

Hello Karen
Check on you everyday. Keep up the good spirit. Prays are with you. One day at a time. Larry and Patra

Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration. Every day.

-- Meredyth

omerandpat said...

How ironic--you had to console the hairdresser!
What is Healing Touch?
Keep these blogs coming--they are great and so are you.
Love ya,

Jane said...

Glad you're feeling good today! I'm keeping up every day...miss you & hope you have a good weekend. Hope to see you on the van soon....Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!! I'll bet you look beautiful, remember when it was all the rage "Bald and Beautiful". In fact the way I caught the eye of Bill P. my first husband 30 years ago was when I accidentally fried all my hair off bleaching it at home, and he thought it looked like Persis Khambatta in Star Trek, do you remenber her? After Star Trek everybody thought that was the most fabulous style. So I am guessing you also look so great that maybe you will want to stay Bald and Beautiful forever. Love you and I read your blog every day. I think you should use your blog afterwards and turn this into a book. Have a great weekend and a hug to Lou also, Debbie Prudden

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I am trying to keep up. I missed you Thur nite. My yard sale at my old house is Sat AM so the end is in sight. Hope to see you SAT. T's & P's are with you as always. Doane

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,
I have been slacking in posting comments to you but know that we are rooting for you all the way and we include Lou the end of my 11 hr day w. grandson Thomas I am a little babbled out but I do think of you always and am thrilled when I see good results for you and your journey...take care hugs and kisses Mrs. S. from the old hood...:)

Anonymous said...

Karen, stick with Amelia and her "Healing Touch. Also, try to hook up with a GREAT accupuncturist - I'm sure this too will help you get through some of the rough spots. I continue to keep you in the light.

Anonymous said...

Hair's not everything although it's nice to have. I think of you all the time. You're the best. Love, Barbara

Anya said...

Girl...glad you hooked up with Amelia...I cannot wait to get a bit of that myself! I love the hat I have been seeing. You are the bomb!

Ned said...

Hi Karen,

Healing Touch sounds great, sounds like it's Reiki. Keep that up, it's a very underestimated form of Healing :) Some who Heal also can read the person's personality and help with ailments from past physical and psychological trauma in their life and also sense where there are blockages within one's energy system to help accelerate recovery.

Check out this article "...light is linked with the body's metabolism, this finding suggests cameras that can spot the weak emissions could help spot medical conditions, said researcher Hitoshi Okamura, a circadian biologist at Kyoto University in Japan."

Hope you experience Healing Touch again soon!