Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am at Duke

Just got here for my scan. I am hanging out in the waiting room, waiting for them to draw blood.

There was a huge lineup of cars on the way into the parking garage because someone was waiting for a car to pull out so they could take the spot.

We were waiting and waiting... I finally started watching the clock and another two minutes passed. People behind me started beeping.

It was sort of funny.

You have to assume it was a patient getting into that parked car, moving awfully slowly after getting some kinda treatment. No wonder it took forever.

I always zoom to the top of the parking garage because there are lots of empty spots up there. To me, its crazy to waste time trying to squeeze into a spot on a lower level.

I rode down in the elevator with two like-minded folk. I think the woman was one of the beepers.  She claimed she was about to throw her car into "park" and walk up to see what the holdup was!

Okay, I'll admit it. I beeped my horn too. Two short cheerful toots.

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Doane said...

YAY!! Another thing we have in common. I park at the top, too. Keeping you in my Ts & Ps. I sent an A to be with you today. Hope you feel him.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

You're Back!!! xoxo Sharon from Bellevue, WA