Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy in the New Year

Hey y'all I am doing well!

I should have updated you sooner. I apologize for being lazy.

The combination of the new drugs and new PT activities has helped tremendously:

  • I sleep through the night, every night!
  • I am rarely in pain!
  • No more tears! 
  • No more plans to chop off my left leg!

I haven't had to take any narcotic pain killers in like a week, which is super awesome. I am taking Lyrica, Neurontin, and Celebrex... with an occasional dose of extra strength Tylenol thrown in.

PT has been excellent, but the effects last three days. I have three sets of exercises I am supposed to do on my own at home. I am not all that compliant.  One exercise, which Lou has to help with, I do like clockwork because Lou is involved. But the other two exercises, I am sort of spotty on. Probably if I did them as directed, things would improve. I MUST DO THEM!

OK, got to get back to work now.


Anonymous said...

So Glad to Read Your Post and that You are Well. xoxo from Sharon in Bellevue, WA

Anonymous said...

Boy can I relate. I was religious about my excercises when I first had my surgery, then when I started PT. BUT, now ..... It is really hard. I am thankful for my job and the fact that I get some of what i need while working. Having a buddy truly helps. You go Lou.
Glad you are feeling better
Thanks for my angel. I love it.
Keeping you in my Ts & Ps, as always.