Friday, June 3, 2011

Restless Legs

It has been quite a week.

I have been struggling with post-chemo problems, but the whole time I have been reminding myself that I took the last dose! It's over!

This time, there was a lot more skin-crawling restlessness. I couldn't sit still. Imagine having "restless legs" for your whole body and brain. At the same time, I was barely functional, so mostly I wandered around the house in my PJs, moving things around like a zombie obsesed with tidiness. Luckily, after 15 to 30 minutes, the restless period would pass and then I would sleep. (This was worst on Saturday and Sunday.)

I knew I was finally getting better on Wednesday when I could not sleep during the day at all, even though I was tired. During those times, I read.

Now, I am still easily tired, but I am feeling pretty good. Yesterday I worked for 4 hours from home. Today I will go in to the office for 4 hours.

Our phone came back on Wednesday morning. It was probably a good thing that we had no Internet access during the worst part of my chemo insomnia, so I could not surf the web and shop late late into the night.

Last night I saw my friend Carolyn, and she reminded me that she and her husband visited me in the hospital on the Friday of Chemo Weekend 5 (the one before this last one). I had forgotten all about it, but a lot of the details came back to me once she reminded me.

I want to thank everyone for all the York Peppermint patties! I got several bags! And they worked great, although by now I am sort of sick of the minty goodness. When I left the hospital on Saturday, I gave one completely un-opened bag to the nurses. The lucky nurses were the ones on the first day, who always got the Girl Scout Cookies.

On my way to work this morning, I have to stop at the doctor's office for some bloodwork, so I had better get a move on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Have been thinking of you and praying! Love and Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...


I too am a victim of "restless legs". It pretty much occurs nightly and sometimes during sleep. It's most annoying and the best thing I find is getting up and walking around. I've put dishes away at 2:30am for something to do.

Glad to hear you seem to be handling things. Work will help.

Thinking of you.

Luv ya!


Alli said...

Oh I so feel for you with Restless Leg Syndrome. I still have it 2 years post Chemo. It starts I try and relax but no deal, I have found keeping my leg warm when it begins does help, I have my heating pad handy because it is a nightly occurrence. Someone told me there was medication but I don't want to take more meds if I can avoid it.... Wishing you the best.....Alli XX

Anonymous said...

Sending love and kisses, and prayers...always.