Monday, January 31, 2011

Stressed Out

For the last two weeks at work, I have been stressed out.  I had a problem that I had to fix. Multiple people had to be involved. The problem wasn't as easy to fix as I had hoped. 

While I was fixing this problem, my teammates were prevented some doing things that they needed to do, although they very kindly assured me that they didn't really want to do those things anyway. 

So for two weeks, I put in extra hours and worked as hard as I could. By Friday afternoon, I was completely done!  And then I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend with Lou.

But why tell you about it?  Because also for the last two weeks I have been experiencing a growing discomfort in my back, lungs, and chest area. By Friday, it was getting hard to ignore. I was pretty worried. I assumed that it was tumor growth in my lungs. (Some days, if I sneeze, I worry that it's cancer.)

On Saturday night, I finally talked about it. I agreed to call my doctor on Monday, if I wasn't any better. I also listened to a lot of different opinions, one of which was that it could just be stress.

The great news is, I think that it was stress, because my wonderfully relaxing weekend seems to have cured me. I didn't feel any discomfort at all on Sunday. I feel great this morning.

Makes me think I need to take better care of myself -- and talk about the things that are worrying me.

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