Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream Vacation Wakeup Call

Have you been watching the news?  Crowds of protestors in the streets of Cairo, being pushed back by the police... I'm not qualified to express any kind of opinion about the political situation there. I'm just one little person, worried about my dream vacation.

At the end of April, Lou and I are supposed to be in Egypt with The Travel Guys for a Deluxe Egyptian Adventure. If you've been reading this blog, you know how excited I've been.  It's the trip of a lifetime, to see the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the temple at Abu Simbel, all the evidence of an amazing civilization that started 3000 years before Christ was born.

But if it is not safe, then we can't go.

We actually have three months till the trip -- the whole situation might be completely different in three months.  But we have to plan for the worst, hope for the best, and expect nothing. That means I finally had to admit the possibility that I might not be seeing the pyramids in April.

Lou said, "Maybe we go next year instead." 

I didn't say anything, but you can imagine what I thought about that kind of delay. I am okay right now. I am fine to travel right now.  Nobody knows what next year will bring.  My friend Jean with leiomyosarcoma just ended up in a wheelchair.  Are the pyramids handicapped accessible?  What happens if my wheels get stuck in the sand on the Giza Plateau?

It is actually sort of funny.  Man plans, and God laughs.  For years I thought Egypt was not safe, then I became convinced that it was safe and booked this trip, and now it is really not safe!

Plus, we were originally planning a fabulous trip to Washington DC with my parents this spring, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Those plans got abruptly shelved when the Egypt thing became available. (I know, not my finest moment.)  But this new development changes things.

Maybe we will be seeing the Potomac instead of the Nile this spring. 
George Washington instead of Ramses The Great. 
Patsy and Omer instead of The Travel Guys.


Anonymous said...

I will be optimistic for you. I say 3 months is a long time and many things can change.
Always in my Ts&Ps.
Love ya

Carole said...

Egypt will be fine within the next month or so. Plenty of time for them to sort it all out and your trip to go ahead.
I have friends living there, it will be calm as soon as he goes :-)

Enjoy the pyramids

Anonymous said...

If Not, I Think Washington DC is AWESOME! Especially in April. I LOVE Washington DC. But Egypt would be nice too. So Fun to read your post. Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

well, a trip w. O and P may be not the top choice but I'm sure if it came to that you would have a wonderful time with them...they always have a good time...:) BUT things in the other part of the world change so quickly you MAY still have the option of that trip...wherever you will go, you will have a great time...:) love, Mrs. S. xxoo