Monday, December 6, 2010

Vacation's Over

I'm back!  Vacation is over.

This was an excellent idea. And it worked. For the most part, I did not talk about or think about cancer. There were people who don't read the blog and who asked me how I was doing. I would say I was really good and try to avoid going into detail.

Of course, I couldn't completely forget about cancer.  My denial just is not that strong.  For one thing, my lack of hair was a constant reminder. I was still wearing a hat to work until about a week ago. Once I got complete coverage (no shiny bald patches) I gave up the hats.

I will admit that I have found myself worrying about this scan as the date approached.  Last time around, I made myself consider the worst possibilities in detail so I would be ready for bad news. I decided not to do that again, if I could help it.  Better to be surprised by bad news than to waste a week or two miserably waiting for bad news that might not come.

The scan is this afternoon, and I get the results on Wednesday.  Wish me luck.


omerandpat said...

Welcome back-we missed you! We're keeping our fingers crossed for good results from this scan.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the very best of health! Hoping for good news on Wednesday.

-- Meredyth

Anonymous said...

Good luck and best wishes and we missed you...:) love, Mr. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

oops that's Mrs. S. Mr. S. says ditto but I did the email...:)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for Your Post! xoxo