Monday, October 11, 2010

Cancer Vacation

Things are good! Chemo ended almost one month ago. I feel good. My hair is starting to grow back. And most importantly, last week, I got good news from my CT scan.

So I don't have to even think about cancer till my next scan, which will be on December 6, 2010.

Last week, when Dr R ran through all my options for the future, he said that my treatment will probably continue to follow this pattern:  the cancer will grow, we'll use chemo to beat it back, and then we'll take some time off... but eventually the cancer will grow again and the whole cycle will start over.  At least, that is the plan till someone comes up with a way to kill it forever.

So this weekend, I started thinking about how I could have years and years and years of chemo & cancer ahead of me. I guess till now I have mainly thought about TODAY and what's on the immediate horizon.

I realized that the idea of years and years and years of thinking about cancer every day sounds completely awful to me. I decided that I want a break from thinking about cancer.  I want to go on a Cancer Vacation.

I am not talking about another cruise.  I am talking about just living my regular life, without thinking about and talking about and blogging about cancer.

Yeah, I said no blogging about cancer.  You go on a cancer vacation, you do not bring your cancer blog with you. You leave the cancer blog at home.

I know there are some of you who check in every day to see how I am doing, and I love you for it. You have no idea how your support and friendship and love have made everything so much easier to handle.  I think this blog is one of the best things I have ever done. But I need a break.  Maybe you need a break, too.

So, this vacation starts right now. My bags are packed!  I am logging off, and I won't be back here till my vacation is over, which will probably be right before my next scan.

Let's meet back here on December 5, okay?


TBritt34 said...

"Happy trails unitl we meet again" in December. We continue to think of you and Lou every single day and that will never change but we hope you have a grand carefree vacation. Once again, see you in December.
Gloria and Tom

Jean Trainor said...

Happy holidays! Jeanx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you for the positive affirmations. Self-Care can be so challenging for me. Much Love and Prayer! Hugs xoxo

omerandpat said...

What a great idea! Vacation is always a good thing! If anyone deserves a break from thinking about cancer, you do. So Enjoy.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation, you so deserve it...(O:

Anonymous said...

We will miss you but you deserve a well earned vacation...:) We will miss ALL your stories as well as the CA saga but I know where to go for your regular life so until Dec. or whenever YOU decide to blog again, our thoughts are prayers will continue for you and Lou but we will ck up on you at the "ranch" keep us up to date on those adventures...take care and keep your mind free!!! TTFN Love ya' Mrs. S. xxoo

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Karen, I am continuing to improve my blog. One of the things I am doing is adding photos to each page of my Cancer Blogs Lists. I used your photo for the sarcoma page without identifying you or your blog. If you'd like I can caption the photo with that information. Hope you're doing well. Dennis

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great plan! Enjoy your time off, fromy your nearby neighbor's Jane & Peter

Ned Charpentier said...

Ok :)