Friday, October 1, 2010

Lee Child Insomnia

Lee Child's books are so gripping, page turning, and compelling, I cannot put one down once I start reading!  Last night I finished Bad Luck and Trouble.  "You do not mess with the special investigators." Excellent.  Gosh, I am half hoping he writes something with Neagley as his main character. I am bummed that there are just two existing Jack Reacher novels to go.

Anyway, after I finished reading last night, I was all revved up and could not go to sleep.  I ended up logged on to work for two hours!  Cleaned up a pile of little issues that had been nagging at me.  Nothing like the wee hours to help you focus.

So this morning, I am sort of dragging.  Luckily, it is Friday... and tomorrow morning I get a massage.


Anonymous said... you cant wait. You mentioned Lee Childs before and I remembered that in pile of unread books I had some of them, so I grabbed Tripwire and could see how absorbing they are. Now Im at the beginning w Killing Floor.

Call me or send me a midnite email when u can.

Love and good thoughts for your next scan!!!

Kathy from Kent

Anonymous said...

Hope that the massage was Fantastic! Hugs xoxo