Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My ankles occasionally got a little swollen during the Gem/Tax chemo, but that ended 7 weeks ago and it has gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. On Sunday and Monday night, my ankles and feet were lumpy and strange, and they had not gone back to normal by morning -- which is what has always happened in the past.

On Tuesday, my left foot actually hurt to walk on, so I called the nurse for my oncologist that morning to report this new development.

My oncologist called me later that day to talk about it. He prescribed both a diuretic and potassium. The diuretic will get rid of this extra water, and the potassium will stop me from getting leg cramps.

Plus I have to wear compression stockings. Unfortunately, a compression stocking is nothing like a Christmas stocking. Although, if I did hang one by the mantle for Santa to fill, I wonder how many presents he could stuff into it. It's very stretchy. But everything would be crushed by morning.

Well, after one day I see great improvement. I actually have an ankle bone!

I'll be taking these new prescriptions for just one week.


omerandpat said...

When we are on your blog, the globe shows Peoria, AZ!! Funny--for GB it shows Sun City West!! Go Figure.
Glad your ankles are feeling better.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad

Jane said...

Glad your ankles are better....we miss you on the van! Hang in there. You continue to inspire us!!jb

Robyn said...

Hope your ears were burning Sat. night...bunch of us sat around talking about how much we love you and what a fantastic person you are. You have inspired a lot of us to "raise the bar" by your participation in the district.

You know, you could always save the stockings for Halloween next year and go as a little old lady...Just powder your wig, add some glasses..."POOF" instant costume...of course, "Sylvia" might be your role model and if so, you wouldn't even have to pull the stocking up! Just add some slippers!

Keep laughing my friend...!

Sending much love!

Karen said...

Oh! So in the morning, when I am writing my Quick Update, it is Gloria who is on with me when I see the Sun City West label on the globe!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, as always, for sharing your ESH with us. You are AMAZING.

Daria said...

I`ve been struggling with swollen ankles and swollen and stiff calves. I`m seeing a chiropractor who is massaging my calves, I am elevating my feet above my heart and I`m doing some leg exercise ... I`m seeing small improvements.