Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At the Mercy of the Refridgerated Pills

I was thinking about working from home today. I have a little cough and always think it is better not to go to work and cough on people and make them sick.  Plus I'd enjoy spending the day in my PJs in front of my PC. And most importantly, I can get a lot done here with no distractions.

Sure, Lou is here in the house, but he is pretty disciplined when he's working. I think he leaves his office only twice per day: at noon for lunch and then again at 3:30 for green tea. Sam the dog sleeps all day. Sometimes she comes in here and demands to be petted by bonking my left arm with her head. She's very insistent. I mouse with my left hand, so she definitely interrupts my work.  But it is nice, except I end up with Golden Retriever fur all over my keyboard. Of course, this is not nearly as bad as Spike the cat (God rest his soul) who would actually walk across the keyboard to get my attention. I'd end up with fsjbndaigfvpoe5934 in my document.

Anyway, back to me contemplating working from home. 

I realized that I can't do it because I left my clinical trial pills in the refridgerator in the breakroom at work. So I have to go in to the office. In exactly one hour and forty-five minutes, I have to take four pills.

That's fine. I can keep my office door shut. That ought to contain the germs.


Robyn said...

Hey Chickie!

Been reading and catching up...Wow...Peach fuzz...very impressive though much anticipated in it's arrival!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed Phantom so much. I love that show! I play the soundtrack (yes, I am a geek)though I have to sing the tenor parts cause my voice will not reach the octave at which these sopranos sing!

Miss seeing you...we'll have to do get together on a Wed night. I have a Wed night committement right now, so after the first of the year-we are definitely getting together!

Have a great rest of the week!

Lisa V. said...

Murphy's Law, you get all ready to hunker down and work and you have to leave. Bummer! I was laughing when you were talking about Sam interrupting you. My cat sits right in front of my computer monitor sometimes and she won't budge! Then gets ticked if I try to move the mouse she's laying on!