Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vitamin D Deficiency

This spring, everyone in my vanpool was talking about being tested for Vitamin D deficiency. Nobody spends any time out in the sun anymore, and when we do, we are all slathered up with sunblock, so people just aren't producing Vitamin D the way they used to...

The vanpoolers who were deficient said how great they felt after they started taking Vitamin D. Mostly they felt energized and cheerful. Who doesn't want to feel more energized and cheerful? Especially during chemo!

So in mid-August when I went to my primary care physician for migraine drugs and antibiotics for my head, I also asked if he would test me for Vitamin D Deficiency. The doctor and nurse both chuckled and said that practically everyone who comes in wants to be tested for that. It is the new popular health issue to worry about. The doctor said he would be happy to test me, but that most people who ask end up not having a deficiency. I guess if you are actually deficient, you show up complaining about the symptoms, and the doctor suggests that you get tested for this deficiency.

Well, turns out I am deficient. The results showed me scoring like a 16.8 when the normal range is 32 to 100. So I got a prescription for 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to be taken weekly for 12 weeks. When I filled the prescription, the bottle contained six pills, which seemed so strange to the clerk and I that we checked with the pharmacist. Six pills was correct because this is something you take once a week.

I have been taking it for five weeks now. I know this because I was filling up my pill box and saw that I need to refill the prescription.

That started me wondering whether I feel more energized & cheerful. Ten weeks into the chemo, I would have to say I have less energy than before chemo started ;^) Probably, I would be even less energized & cheerful than I am today if I were not taking it.

I am naturally pretty cheerful and upbeat anyway. If I got any more cheerful, you might start to wonder if it were artificially induced. But it isn't. Unless you count chocolate.


omerandpat said...

Way ta go Vitamin D!! Not much of a comment but we want you to know we are checking your blog and have you in our T's and P's.
Love ya

Ned said...

My weakness is Chocolate as well :)

Anonymous said...

I really have to get to my doctor's more often. I'm prob deficient - this Vit D thing - yep I'm always sluggish...Sounds like things are still going well for ya - that's always great to hear - take care & luv ya, alice

susan said...

Karen - I passed this on to Jon - he could use a page like this to be honest about what he is going thru and to ask him about the Vit D issue....your info is not only great for letting us know how you are but helpful to us in being useful in some way to Jon (he is due to start rad. next week - the chemo x2 or so is done for now...working but...don't think he tells his dad what he really feels like for fear of scaring him - I love your total honesty! Miss you!!!!