Monday, September 14, 2009

Cars from All Over

Because I got the Super Chemo on Friday, today I had to run up to Duke for my Neulasta shot.

Whenever I pull into the parking garage there, I am surprised at the license plates on the other cars: Massachusetts, California, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, I forget the rest. Duke is an amazing place and people come from all over to get care there. I feel so glad that I switched over. I have these peace of mind that I am in the right place, being part of the Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Center.

I mentioned to today's nurse that last time around, the syringe got dropped, and she laughed and said that they gave that other nurse such a hard time for a week afterward! Nothing got dropped today. But no tickling and no pinching, either. It didn't sting till she pulled it out though. Strange.

I should be washing my wig tonight but I am just not really up to the effort tonight. If you see me tomorrow, try not to notice the messy hair.

I haven't mentioned it, but I have been enjoying reading The Age of Wonder. I am in the middle of the chapter about how balloonists got started in the mid 1700s in France with paper or silk balloons filled with hot air or hydrogen. Everyone was so excited about it, but the English were skeptical and called it the French Folly. Benjamin Franklin worried that there might be military applications, so that troops could float over and drop down on the enemy or view their encampments... so interesting.

Today I had my last dose of Decadron, so I am hoping for a deep uninterrupted sleep tonight and the thrill of a real cup of tea tomorrow morning.

Rosary update: I have completed one novena to thank Mary for my significant shrinkage, and I am a couple days into one to thank St. Jude. After that, it is St. Peregrine's turn and then I will be complete.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, it is 11 p.m. here, and 2 a.m. on the east coast now and I hope you are sleeping very soundly but not snoring so much that Lou can't sleep also....... :)

I am so glad that you are not having such bad side effects that you can't enjoy doing fun things and able to work and see your friends. I am very very glad you decided to go to Duke also, they seem to be such a super center for sarcoma treatment and it makes me feel safer for you that you are in their care.

I spent all day Sat. and Sun. painting asphalt crack filler and sealer on our driveway and curbing and am pooped. But it looks great. It was amazing how many people who normally just walk on by with their dogs or kids instead would stop to talk when they saw me sitting and painting the ground.

I love you lots and will talk with you sometime this coming weekend. xxoo Debbie P.

Anya said...

Hey Girl...Glad all is going well and we have nothing else to worry about! Phew.

Did I miss something? I just noticed that you are "The Top Health Blogger"...winning awards, aye...dang, you are sooo good. For those of you who did not notice, check out the little dealie on the bottom of the blog page. Congratulations are the best blogger in all categories...not just health....thanks for sharing with us...

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you and sending very, very positive thoughts your way. Love, CQ